About Thermaldyne

Increasing liability with landfilling, combined with increasing federal and state regulations, have forced oil companies to look for better alternative solutions for managing their materials, of which there are few options currently available. Thermaldyne has a clean, proven, and accepted process to treat refinery materials. 


Key benefits of Thermaldyne’s process include but are not limited to:

  • Optimizing logistics,
  • Reducing transportation hauling cost
  • Enhancing supply chain management
  • Provide ample local capacity to receive material
  • Return usable oil to our clients, thus reducing material disposal costs

Our Mission

To provide effective, safe and environmentally compliant reclamation services to the refining industry.

A Letter from Our CEO

As a company, we are driven by the belief that there is always room for better. Better ideas. Better methods. Better results.  As such, we have developed safe and more efficiently sound solutions that solve the logistical challenges of a very compliant and regulated world. Those solutions make the Thermaldyne process better. Better for our oil refineries. Better for our industry at large. Better for our environment.


We have built Thermaldyne’s system of plants and solutions by making measured, thoughtful decisions that are guided by our extensive industry knowledge and experience. We will continue to grow this company because of an aspirational vision that harnesses the most state-of-the-art technologies for the purpose of achieving efficiency, becoming a logistics partner for our customers, boosting our customers’ bottom lines, conserving resources and making an overall positive impact.


Every day, we make it a priority to share our best ideas with each other and build on them.


We invite you to engage us and make that conversation even better.



Randall Tolbert, CEO